Tuesday, March 1, 2011

PJ Pant with Free Pattern Part 1

In my previous pajama bottom tutorial, I used a pattern which I drafted, but had a link to a free pattern by Simplicity. My pattern varied quite a bit from the free download and I have had some requests for a tutorial using the Simplicity pattern. So, here it is! A "sew along" using the free download Simplicity Pattern.

Before you begin, determine your correct size and amounts of material and elastic for the waistband. The pattern is designed for either a drawstring or elastic band. I am choosing to do an elastic waistband. The pattern is also Unisex, so you can make it for men or women. For this project, I am making a pair for my husband.
  • The pattern is designed using your hip measurement, not your waist.

XS: 31-32.5 "

S : 35-37"

M : 39-41"

L : 43-45"

XL: 47-49"

  • If you fall in between sizes, it is best to choose the bigger size.


Fabric (45" or 60" wide)

XS 2-3/4

S 2-3/4

M 2-3/4

L 2-7/8

XL 2-7/8

All Sizes use 1-1/4 yards of elastic for waistband.

1. Download the free pattern, Simplicity #0501.
Click this link to open the PDF of the pattern. Print it.

From PJ Sew Along

2. Assemble the pattern.
The pattern will print out on 25 sheets of paper. You must correctly assemble the pattern. When you look at the papers, you will notice each is labeled from (1,1) through (5,5). The first number is the row number and the second is the column. For example, (3,4) means that it goes in the third row and fourth column.

Starting with (1,1) and (2,1), you will line the papers up, overlapping slightly, so that the grids and pattern markings line up. Tape with transparent tape. I used packaging tape. Here is what it should look like when your first column is finished (1,1), (2,1), (3,1), (4,1), and (5,1).

From PJ Sew Along

Continue in this manner, doing a column at a time, and line the columns up with each other. Here is columns 1 and 2 done, with column 3 in progress:

From PJ Sew Along

And, the completed pattern. Ensure that it is taped together very well.

From PJ Sew Along

3. Cut out your pattern piece.
The pattern is a traditional pattern with several sizes together. For these, it is XS through XL. Determine the correct size and cut it out.

From PJ Sew Along

Now, you have your pattern and you are ready to begin! (Note, I initially was going to do a drawstring, which is why it appears in the picture below. I changed my mind, so you don't have to cut out the drawstring pattern piece.)

From PJ Sew Along

Click here to continue to Part 2!

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  1. Thanks very much for posting this tutorial. I have been struggling to put together the printed pattern. I have put together several printed patterns in the past and never had any trouble. I think that the huge amount of overlap on this one threw me off. Thanks for posing the picture of the finished pattern!