Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blog Redesign!

I am currently trying to redesign my blog! Please be patient with me as it has been a long time since I've used HTML. I anticipate that I will be changing the blog appearance often until I am satisfied ;)

For Christmas last year, I was gifted with a great new camera. Oh, it's nice! It's a digital SLR and the photos it takes are 14 megs or some crazy huge resolution like that. Some of the more recent photos on this blog were taken with my new camera, and it leaves me completely unsatisfied with the pictures taken from the older camera. So, in addition to a blog redesign, I will also be redoing some tutorials so they will have better quality photographs accompanying them. I am still not completely moved (looking for the perfect place takes time), so it may be a week (or 2...) before I am reunited with my sewing tools and get started on that.

Until then, keep sewing!

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